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One day I visited the One who knew.
Alone in Its den It was. Sleeping, listening, watching.
It could see and hear and feel and taste all there was in this world.
And ever and ever, It slept.
It had never lived a single second.
It only slept.
It was watching Its live going on,
For since the beginning It was living
And 'till the end it would be waiting.

It liked to see the dawn in the forest,
Smelling the sweet roses and violets,
Running with the deers, flying with the swallows,
Hunting with the wolves and living with the men.
It told me Its life was fated to loneliness,
For It could not move.
I was the only one It had spoken to since ages,
The only one It would talk to for centuries,
And for that It thanked me.

It wasn't a man nor an animal.
It wasn't even really living.
It was never really born and would never really die,
Bound to Its den forever.
So melancholic It was,
It watched the time pass by,
Bringing death and mourning to the living,
Bringing only mourning to the One who knew.

Its spirit contained all the memories, all the sciences,
All that us living and dying things would never know.
I asked It to tell me about the mysteries of our world and universe,
But Its tongue didn't move.
For, It told me later,
Everyone who knew wouldn't even understand the meaning of this world.
It was alone in this task and would ever be,
It was the guardian of the truth,
And the truth It shall guard until the world doesn't need It any more.
Then It could rest and fade,
Relieving Its mind from this unbearable burden It was bound to bear.

It cried when I left It.
It had been alone for so long,
Its den was so well-hidden no one but me had ever found It.
I told It I would come back.

Once It told me It could see my future,
But It didn't want to tell me about it.
It was already mourning me,
Me, a dust in Its immortal life,
Who would pass away in what would seem to be seconds to It.

I asked It if It was the One everybody called « God ».
It told me that It wasn’t a God; but It didn’t want to tell me if there was a God.
I don’t believe in God.
So I asked It what was the reason some people worshipped an hypothetic God.
It answered me that It was like loving someone.
Indeed, It told me, “What makes a person?”
“Its body or its soul?”
I said it was Its soul, because body is just an amount of particles.
And then It asked me, what is the soul made of?
I answered that it wasn't made of something, it just was.
And It told me, “So is God for those who believe in him.”
“Some living things believe everyone has a soul. Some don't.”
“In the same way, some living things believe in God. Some don't.”
Then It said “God is real only for some people.”
“If there were no one to believe in God, God wouldn't exist.”
“Some believe, some don't.”
Song of a Journey

All my feelings are gone today
And I'm nothing but emptiness
This night my emotions decay
I can't bear all this bitterness
No laughs and no tears
Have been seen for so long
This night I no longer fear
To leave this place to be strong

This is time for me to go,
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of a journey

And so my walk begins
Far from my past
And nothing but rain
Is there to heal me at last
It feels like the wind whispers
Like the path opens wide
All this numbness lingers
It's time for me to hide

This is time for me to go
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of  journey

The daylight has come
To save me from the world
The path is my home
When I'm alone I'm not cold
Nothing but me and the way
To bring me to life
It makes me forgot the day
I tried to end this by the knife

This is time for me to go
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of  journey

Home is where the way is
I can't help but feel blooming
And the forest just says
That the coolness will soon be ending
This night over the cliff
I was finally born
Under the Moon even if
I was gone in the morn

This is time for me to go
To flee, far away from life
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of the final journey
Song of a journey
This is kind of a poem, or maybe the lyrics of a future song, in which I tried to describe my state of mind (yep, I'm kind of depressed...) 

English is not my native language, so it would be great from you to let me know if there are any mistakes :)


No journal entries yet.


Hey ! I'm Elo´se, I'm seventeen and I come from France (so, please, excuse my english, which is maybe a bit bad ^^). I cry when I laugh ; I laugh when I cry ; I love to drive my brother up the wall, singing and playing piano
I love drawing and sometimes painting, but I don't find my drawings very beautiful, so I subscribed in Deviantart in order to have some critics about them. Maybe it will make me improve my way to draw and to paint ;)

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