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The Hunter of Dreams
Once upon a century,
When the dark ages still weighted on the shoulders of our Mother Earth,
Was a man.
Simple he was, neither a fool nor a scientist,
No more stupid than he was brave,
No beggar and no wealthy.
All grey in this black and white ancient world.
Few were the people who dared to look at him,
For he was as unfathomable as September’s misty dawn,
Deep were his eyes, the blackest one could ever see.
In the streets there were no soul to meet for him.
But he did not care.
His secret was all he was living for.
His gift.
He used it every night, when the Moon was high
And when all the city quaked sitting by the houses’ hearth,
Hearing the beasts whose kind disappeared long ago.
He waited for children to fall asleep, to gently climb onto their window’s side,
To sit.
And to fall asleep, his mind plunging into the dreams of his host.
For a Hunter of dreams he was.
Resting calm against the glass,
Feeling the soft and freezing winter’s air,
His fingers brushing a
:iconarkantia:Arkantia 0 0
One foot in the grave...
I bitterly learnt that one’s worst pain was not always physical.
This feeling of razor blades slaughtering your happiness,
That constant weight that make any recovery impossible.
This Monster devouring you bit by bit,
Releasing its mischief to send you down that bridge you walk on every day
Struggling to make you look at this knife with envy
Vomiting its bowels into your mind just so you begin to become insane.
“Why didn’t you come to the party last night?”
“Why do you always say no when we want to go out with you?”
“Just try to get better, everyone has problems, get over it”
I hate you.
How can you say “I know how you feel”?
You’re not in my head.
You can’t give me advice.
The best you can do is to support me.
I promised the one I love that I will fight for him.
For I don’t want to leave him alone.
But my willpower begins to fade.
My strength has gone,
And it seems like my courage will soon run away as well.
:iconarkantia:Arkantia 0 0
Le Monstre
Le Monstre.
Nous avions nourri nous-mêmes ce qui allait nous dévorer. A coups de mécaniques, d'arrache-poumons,  de rembourrage plastique, nous avions entretenu le Monstre. Et à présent nous en payions le prix. Cela, je pouvais le supporter. J'étais plus courageux que le milliard d'autres robots, qui, en laissant la panique les envahir, s'étaient condamnés. Garder son calme, inspirer ; vider sa tête, expirer. Ce qui me pesait le plus était la notion de temps. Le temps, les jours, les mois, les années que mettrait le Monstre à lentement stopper sa croissance, pour peut-être finalement régresser et mourir. Je n'aurai pas d'enfants. Pourquoi aimer quelqu'un pour lui laisser un héritage létal ?
Je ne me suis rendu compte de ma grande valeur que lorsqu'Il a commencé à engloutir nos vies, nos cœurs, et nos mœurs. Mais, hélas, Il m'a rendu égoïste. Moi qui, auparavant,
:iconarkantia:Arkantia 0 0
The One who knew
One day I visited the One who knew.
Alone in Its den It was. Sleeping, listening, watching.
It could see and hear and feel and taste all there was in this world.
And ever and ever, It slept.
It had never lived a single second.
It only slept.
It was watching Its live going on,
For since the beginning It was living
And 'till the end it would be waiting.
It liked to see the dawn in the forest,
Smelling the sweet roses and violets,
Running with the deers, flying with the swallows,
Hunting with the wolves and living with the men.
It told me Its life was fated to loneliness,
For It could not move.
I was the only one It had spoken to since ages,
The only one It would talk to for centuries,
And for that It thanked me.
It wasn't a man nor an animal.
It wasn't even really living.
It was never really born and would never really die,
Bound to Its den forever.
So melancholic It was,
It watched the time pass by,
Bringing death and mourning to the living,
Bringing only mourning to the One who knew.
:iconarkantia:Arkantia 1 1
Song of a journey
Song of a Journey
All my feelings are gone today
And I'm nothing but emptiness
This night my emotions decay
I can't bear all this bitterness
No laughs and no tears
Have been seen for so long
This night I no longer fear
To leave this place to be strong
This is time for me to go,
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of a journey
And so my walk begins
Far from my past
And nothing but rain
Is there to heal me at last
It feels like the wind whispers
Like the path opens wide
All this numbness lingers
It's time for me to hide
This is time for me to go
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodbye
And time to begin the song of  journey
The daylight has come
To save me from the world
The path is my home
When I'm alone I'm not cold
Nothing but me and the way
To bring me to life
It makes me forgot the day
I tried to end this by the knife
This is time for me to go
To flee, far away from home
This is time for me to say goodb
:iconarkantia:Arkantia 2 0
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Dragon Child
Dragon child, they called her, because she was slow and still and silent, because she stuttered when she spoke, because her hands fluttered like drowning birds when she could find no words for her thoughts. It was not an insult but a threat, a promise. Every seven years the dragon demanded a sacrifice, and Lily would be next to die.
She was Rowan’s sister.
The dragon made its home in the labyrinth beside the city. It had been a holy place once; its centre was a temple, once a shrine to old forgotten gods, now a cairn for those who had been sacrificed before. The dragon did not bother the people, much. Once in seven years it took what it was owed, and for the rest of its time it lay curled in its temple, grumbling and shifting in its sleep so that the very ground shivered.
The people remembered the dragonfire that once had scorched the marketplace and set their thatches alight. The eldest among them still bore the scars of that day. They gave up their weakest, their unwante
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 26 20
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